Aiming to improve our services, Alexandria airlines do appreciate your valuable time to fill the following survey to pinpoint the areas where we should emphasis our attention and direct our resources toward to enable us to meet our customers satisfactions.


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What are your three most preferred airlines when making long flights (Flights more than 6 hours)? *

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Please state your agreement with the reason you pick an airline:
1 I have a friend or family working with the airline.
2 The connections were favorable.
3 I have a frequent flier account with this airline.
4 Airfare was better.
5 I like the service offered on this airline.
6 I have a preference for the aircraft type.
7 The departure and arrival time was favorable.

# Didn’t use 0-10 mins 11-20 mins 20-30 mins 30 mins or more
Please rate how long did you wait in line: ‏
1 At the ticket counter.
2 To check-in.
3 Baggage drop.
4 Seat assignment.
5 Getting from security hold to boarding gate.
6 Boarding gate.
7 Deplaning.
8 Waiting for luggage at destination airport.

# 1 2 3 4 5
Please state your satisfaction the below:(numbers from (1-5) 1 is not satisfied 5 is very satisfied) ‏
1 The check-in staff was helpful and friendly.
2 The airline ushers were helpful and friendly.
3 Baggage handling.
4 Self-check in counters.
5 Courtesy of flight crew.
6 Appearance of flight crew.
7 Pilots communication with passengers.
8 Space for luggage.
9 Cleanliness on the plane.
10 Seat width and seat pitch.
11 Noise level of aircraft.

# 1 2 3 4 5
Please rate the services you received from the reservation agent while making your travel arrangements for this flight:(numbers from (1-5) 1 is not satisfied 5 is very satisfied) ‏
1 Speed in getting through to Agent.
2 Helpfulness of Agent.
3 Courtesy of Reservation Agent.
4 Accuracy of flight information.
5 Accuracy of fare information.

If you were particularly dissatisfied with any of (Airline's) procedures at the airport you just departed, please indicate which area(s). *

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